Senior Degree Project: How Can We Listen to Music Differently?
This project focused on creating an immersive digital experience with music. I love listening to physical formats of music but there seemed to be a disconnect with how we used to listen to music and the way we listen to it digitally. I set out to create a digital experience that allowed users to explore and learn about their music. 
I did research on all of the main current streaming services. I analyzed their functionalities and what was lacking in each. I also conducted surveys about these streaming services to see what people were interested in such as lyrics or artist bios. After this research, I created Muze, a music app that will sync with your streaming service like Spotify and provide in depth information on your music.
Muze is an app to explore and learn about the music you are listening to. After signing into your existing subscription service account, such as Spotify, land on the artist main page that visualizes all of the categories to view. There are in depth biographies for bands and the individual member, and a lot more content in regards to photos, videos, and artwork. Annotated lyrics also provide deeper understanding of the song.
This brand was intended to reach music lovers, people that were a younger demographic, and likely to have a subscription to a music streaming service. It should be vivid and convey music’s energetic feeling while using color as a vehicle to stimulate excitement around the brand. The name comes from the verb to muse or be deep in thought. 
This app was built out specifically as a desktop app, but ideally would function on mobile as well. Another consideration was an awareness campaign that tied into the branding. How would the onboarding and advertising tie into the brand?  
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