Two opposing texts were chosen and woven together to create new meaning through typography. A letter entitled "Ladies and Gentlemen of 2088 A.D." by Kurt Vonnegut is a letter in which he expresses his concern about the treatment of our Earth and each other, he tries to impart advice so that we can all keep it going. This is paired with quotes following and leading up to the 2016 presidential election. The news of this time contradicts Vonnegut's advice, leading to the conclusion that he may be correct in saying we are all doomed. These opposing voices use typography to further push meaning and visualize the feeling of those words.
Vonnegut's voice begins quiet and small, remaining that way throughout the book, the voices from today's administration become progressively louder and chaotic. 
Since the book was rooted in current events, newspaper clippings are woven throughout to create context and a setting for the quotes to live.
By the end of this letter, Vonnegut's voice fades as the sheer absurdity and noise of the other voices take over.
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