Category Web Design
Studio Ziba
Role Designer
Year 2020
At Ziba, we asked ourselves, how could we reimagine our end of year traditions after such a difficult year? We decided to throw out the resolution tradition and try something different. 
We created an interactive fill-in-the blank letter to our future selves. We will resend the filled out letter in a year to follow up on our “resolutions.”
Visual Direction
For Ziba's annual holiday mailer, I led the visual design and implementation of the interactive website. View it here. I worked with a team of designers, creative directors, and developers to create this experience to send to our clients as well as our families and friends to share.
Pattern Play, Option 1
+ Utilizes bright colors of brand in a fun and positive way
+ Abstract shapes creates animation opportunity
+ Emphasis on large typography for playfulness

Paper Layers, Option 2 (Chosen Direction)
+ Layering and textures create sense of journaling,
sentimentality, nostalgia
+ Use of illustration can feel like notebook doodles
or scribbles
+ Connects well to the core concept of the paper airplane
Desktop Website
Creation Flow, Write a Letter to Your Future Self
Paper Airplane Folding Interaction
Mobile Website
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