Category Web + Brand
Client Chewy
Studio Tank
Role Designer
Year 2022

PetMD is an online pet health resource that has helped a huge number of pet owners and pets. It was acquired by Chewy nearly a decade ago.
Chewy decided that it was time to rebrand and unveil the PetMD connection to Chewy, as they take bigger strides into the pet health space.
Project Role
+ Focused on branding and logo design system, worked with design team to develop look and feel for the digital experience
+ Explored color and typography extensively to create a system that worked within the existing Chewy brand
+ Worked with large cross-functional team and contributed to client reviews and workshops​​​​​​​
Existing Chewy Logo System
Chewy has an existing logo system for different products under Chewy Health. As PetMD moved into the Chewy brand, a visual cohesion was necessary, while still standing out as its own entity.
Original Site and Logo Design
PetMD's original site felt too clinical and generic. It heavily relied on stock photography that did not feel cohesive. The challenge was to take elements of the Chewy brand and incorporate the sense of reliability and trust that PetMD has built their brand on.
Visual Inspiration
PetMD needed to balance playful, emotional, and clinical information. As a team, we conducted a landscape analysis and studied what other similar brands are doing for clinical content. I focused research on visual aspect of brands that had distinct style and voice.
Process Examples
Initial Logo and Brand Concepts
Final Logo and Color Palette
Through several rounds of revision, the client decided to move forward with a more simple logo form that fit closely within the existing Chewy logo system. We created a color palette that incorporated existing brand colors with plum and teal to set them apart from the system. 
Brand Elements for the Web
The brand system breaks away from the medical forward design of the previous site. By doing so, we were able to create a visual brand that conveys both authority and empathy. This includes hand-drawn illustrations for a friendly, yet almost textbook-like authority and for photography, cool tones and airy open spaces. The final product ensures that the center of focus is always pets and vets. 
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