Category Web Design
Studio Tank
Role Designer
Year 2022
Boston Beer Company is the parent company of many familiar and beloved beverage brands such as: Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, Truly, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard, and more. The existing site was investor focused and felt dated. The BBC team wanted a more consumer facing site that not only raised brand awareness, but largely to attract potential talent. BBC takes great pride in their employees and has a rich work culture. 
Original Website
Existing Brand Sites
Client Provided MoodBoards
The client team provided us with initial ideas for the brand feel for the site. These were guide rails to follow when exploring color, typography, and photography style.
Visual Research and Reference
Style Exploration
For the first round of design, I explored several styles for the brand look and feel of the site. We needed to create a brand that encompassed all of the child brands underneath BBC while still creating its own distinct look. 
Final Homepage Design
The BBC team wanted a fluid feeling to the site, reminiscent of condensation on a glass or the wavy head of foam on a beer. The typography needed to be bold, chunky, and friendly. The color palette tied to the existing brands but added a punch of orange for differentiation. The photography direction focused on products and employees.
Brand Highlight: Sam Adams
Careers is one of the priority pages of the site, since it was a goal of our client's to attract potential employees. This redesign highlights several benefits and employee testimonials.
Telling the story
Boston Beer company has a rich history and wanted to tell the story through an interactive experience. I created this timeline experience, scroll jacking through each milestone year of the company. As the user scrolls, objects of the past skim over the surface of the persistent copy area.
Design Foundations
As part of our final deliverable, I created a design system library with detailed color, typography, and UI elements. Our focus is always on accessibility when creating these libraries and ensuring at least AA compliance.
Component Library
We created a symbol library in Sketch that the client team could pick up and construct new designs from the building blocks. 
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